Amazon Quantity Limit QLA Email

How To Bypass Amazon Quantity Limit Restrictions (QLA)

  • Justin
  • March 20, 2024

Were you buying stuff on Amazon and randomly got an email from [email protected] that your order cancelled? The email should say something along the lines of: We're writing to let you know we have canceled your order because it violates's quantity limit restrictions on select promotional and popular products.

Amazon Quantity Limit QLA Email
What is QLA?

QLA stands for Quantity Limit Abuse. It is Amazon's method to prevent customers from purchasing the same item multiple times across multiple accounts. Most popular electronics will have a quantity limit of 1 - 3 per account. You can read more on quantity restrictions via this link: Quantity Limit - Amazon Customer Service

How Do You Bypass QLA?

Based on Amazon's article linked, the restrictions occur when the same credit card, billing and/or shipping address is used. Therefore, in order to bypass Amazon quantity restrictions, a user will likely need a different credit card, billing address and shipping address.

When do Quantity Limit Restrictions Reset?

It is not known when Amazon QLA will reset, however based off personal experiences, we recommend trying again after 24 hours.

Consequences of Violating QLA

Violating QLA can lead to order cancellations, account suspensions, or other penalties imposed by Amazon to maintain fair purchasing practices. We do not recommend trying to bypass Amazon quantity restrictions, as your Amazon accounts could be closed permanently.

Purchasing Bulk Amount for Businesses

Businesses looking to purchase items in bulk may face challenges due to QLA, impacting their inventory and reselling capabilities. However, Amazon recommends signing up for an Amazon Business account here: Amazon Business

Amazon's Quantity Limit Restrictions (QLA) are in place to prevent abuse and ensure fair distribution of popular and promotional products. While it's possible to bypass these limits by using different billing and shipping information, it's important to adhere to Amazon's terms of service to avoid penalties. Businesses and individuals with legitimate needs for bulk purchases should explore alternative solutions within Amazon's guidelines. By respecting these restrictions, customers can contribute to a fair and equitable shopping environment on Amazon.

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