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Turn your order history into detailed Excel or CSV reports.

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Key Features

Simplify the process of exporting and downloading your Amazon orders with everything you need to keep track of your online orders.

Unlimited Orders

Complete Order History

Shipment Tracking Number

Export To Spreadsheet

Detailed Order Information

Multiple Account Integration

Why Everyone Loves Ordigo

Simplify your tax preparation process like never before.

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Simplify Tax Preparation

Export your Amazon order history to Excel that is compatible with accounting software such as Quickbooks, easing the process of tax reporting and expense tracking

  • Maximize your tax deductions
  • Organize your expenses
  • Say goodbye to manual data entry
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Track Your Shopping Habits

Gain insights into your purchasing behavior, identify trends, and make informed decisions about your future business purchases.

  • Understand your spending patterns
  • Make informed purchase decisions
  • Identify preferred brands and categories

Our Pricing

Gain everything you need to effortlessly link and export your Amazon orders.


For casual shoppers with a few accounts

$ 9 /mo
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  • Up to 2 accounts
  • Unlimited orders
  • Historical data
  • Basic support
  • On demand sync

For regulars managing multiple accounts

$ 19 /mo
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  • Up to 6 accounts
  • Unlimited orders
  • Historical data
  • Basic support
  • On demand sync

For businesses overseeing several profiles

$ 29 /mo
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  • Up to 15 accounts
  • Unlimited orders
  • Historical data
  • Premium support
  • On demand sync

For power users juggling numerous accounts

$ 39 /mo
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  • Up to 25 accounts
  • Unlimited orders
  • Historical data
  • Premium support
  • On demand sync

For larger plans, please contact [email protected]

What Our Users Say

Start working with Ordigo's Amazon Order History Reporter and unlock the power of your purchase data.

"As a small business owner who frequently orders supplies from Amazon, having the ability to extract my order history into an Excel format has been a game-changer."

Ordigo User

"As an accountant, sifting through Amazon invoices was always time-consuming. Ordigo has eliminated that hassle."

Ordigo User

"Being able to extract and analyze my Amazon order history has helped me make more informed purchasing decisions. The Excel integration is seamless!"

Ordigo User

"Ordigo has made my life so much easier. With just a few clicks, I can have all the order data in a structured Excel file. This has saved me hours of manual work!"

Ordigo User
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