How To Download Your Amazon Order History Report

  • Jack Ling
  • November 28, 2023

Until March 2023, downloading your Amazon order history was straightforward. You'd simply visit Amazon's Order History portal, request a CSV download, and voila! You had a neat report of your past orders. However, in March 2023, Amazon abruptly discontinued this feature, leaving many users frustrated.

This is where Ordigo comes in. A simple yet powerful solution that restores your ability to access and manage your Amazon order history. Let's break down how Ordigo simplifies this process.

Step 1: Add your Amazon Account

Sign in to your Ordigo account, then navigate to Accounts page. Click on the Add Account button and follow the prompt to connect your Amazon account to Ordigo.

Step 2: Navigate to the Orders Page

Once your Amazon account is added to Ordigo, proceed to the Orders page. This page presents a list of all your Amazon orders, effectively giving you an overview of your order history. For more detailed information, including tracking number and per item cost about each order, simply click on any row. You'll be able to dig deeper into the specifics of your purchase.

Step 3: Export your Amazon Order History

To export your order history, click on the Export button present at the top right of the Orders page. A form will pop up, prompting you to specify your export settings. You can choose to export all orders or specify a particular date range. You also have the option to select the details you want to be included in the report, such as SKU, tracking number, order ID, or item name

Step 4: Download your Report

After completing the form and setting your preferences, your Amazon Order History Report will be prepared and sent to your Ordigo email. You'll find a link inside the email to download your report in CSV format.

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