How To Download Amazon Orders For 2023

  • Jack Ling
  • January 22, 2024

If you're looking to download your Amazon order history for 2023, you might have noticed that Amazon's automatic feature for this has been discontinued. Previously, Amazon offered a direct method to download your Order History, but this is no longer available.

Good news, though! Ordigo reintroduces this capability, enabling you to easily access and manage your Amazon order history. Discover how Ordigo makes downloading your Amazon order history straightforward.

Step 1: Link Your Amazon Account to Ordigo

Log into your Ordigo account and head over to the Accounts section. Click the Add Account button and follow the instructions to integrate your Amazon account with Ordigo.

Step 2: Access Your Orders on Ordigo

After adding your Amazon account, visit the Orders section in Ordigo. This area showcases all your Amazon orders, effectively summarizing your order history. For in-depth details like tracking numbers and individual item costs, just select an order. You'll gain comprehensive insights into each purchase.

Step 3: Prepare Your Amazon Order History for Export

Once your orders have finished syncing, to export your order history, hit the Export button at the top-right corner of the Orders page. A dialogue will appear, allowing you to configure your export preferences. Decide if you want to export all orders or filter by date range.

Step 4: Download Your Customized Amazon Order History Report

Once you've defined your export settings, Ordigo will generate your custom Amazon Order History Report and send it to your Ordigo email. You'll receive a link in the email to download your detailed report in Excel or CSV format.

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