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How To Find Out The Reason Best Buy Cancelled Your Order

  • Justin
  • March 20, 2024

Sometimes when you are ordering on Best Buy, they may randomly cancel your order without reason. However luckily there is a trick to figure out a reason as to why Best Buy has canceled your order.

Login to your Best Buy Account

If you have not already, sign in to your Best Buy account that has the cancelled order.

Best Buy Sign in page
Find your Cancelled Order

While logged into Best Buy, visit your Purchases and click on Cancelled. You should now see your most recent cancelled orders.

Best Buy Cancelled Orders
Load Best Buy Cancel Reason Page

To check the cancel reason, copy your Order Number and replace xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxx in the link below with your own order number:

For example if your order number was BBY01-806921931234 your cancel reason link would be:

With the link copied, paste it into your search / url bar at the top and load the page.

Load Best Buy Cancel Reason Link
Check Best Buy Cancel Reason

With the page loaded, you now want to find the following field (Ctrl + F): cancelReasonCode

Upon finding it, you should see the reason. In the example you can see that it was cancelled due to FRAUD_IDENTIFIED_RESELLER or Fraud - Identified Reseller

Best Buy Cancel Reason

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